About Wool in School™

Wool in School™ is a unique education resource for schools inspiring children and students about the uses of natural and locally produced Wool and Alpaca Fibre.

We are a family business dedicated to the uses of wool Past, Present and Future.
Coming from a long heritage of wool crafts Lorna McCormack founder of Wool in School™ and Fibre Artist reflects on  a time when wool was an important resource for every day living. Knitting , Stitching, Weaving and Spinning were an every day  motion of life,  Providing families with warmth and livelihoods and necessity.
Wool in School™ brings back to children an understanding of a heritage that has moulded the uses of wool today. Children reflect on the past, review how wool is used in the present. How it can be used to the benefit of our future with the use of technology and knowledge of suitability and climate change,  supporting a more Circular Economy .

"we've just had a lovely week learning all about alpaca and sheep's wool. would definitely recommend doing this, the kids really enjoyed seeing how it's all done and learning about the animals. Jane Merdith Play and learn Carlow
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