Simply Felt Ireland

I'm Lorna. I am the person and Artist behind Wool in School which came from the love of all things wool and its benefits. My background is Social Care and I worked for many years with Deaf Children. During those years I self-published many books and resources for parents with deaf children and offered an education pathway for accessing Irish Sign Language for deaf children from birth upwards.
With an ever-growing family, I sold the business and moved forward with my family life with four amazing, witty and energetic children.
I found my love of craft and art again which holds deep roots in my family with a long heritage of textile knowledgeable women 
My love for wool was back and now five years on I am Fibre Artist ( Simply Felt Ireland Design and Felting) who loves all things Fibre.
It's time to explore and elaborate on the benefits of wool. "As a mother,"  "I feel it is important to share my knowledge and insight into the uses of wool for the next generation. Showing children the exciting uses wool will have in their future is vital as we move to a sustainable and eco-friendly environment." My experience as a Fibre Artist goes beyond manipulating wool for artistic merit.
I understand, appreciate and have explored the environmental usage of wool through my relationship with alpaca and sheep farmers throughout Ireland. Understanding the process and technique of creating fine wool with Irish and European mills,  has given me an in-depth knowledge of how wool can and will be used in the future.

Bearing in mind, today's children are closely involved in the conversation in how we can stop climate change. Noticing the burden we have placed on our environment with plastics, carbon, and damaging resources, our youth are actively looking for solutions.
Wool has it's place in this vital change. With so many benefits, Wool in School with the support of various Irish mills and businesses across Ireland, are bringing this natural resource to the forefront of the conversation. Showing children the benefits of wool through interactive, informative workshops and our innovative and unique Wool in School trollies, we are linking the past, present and future of wool.