“A percentage of proceeds from the Intergenerational Knit-Stitch are donated to Age Action, a nonprofit in Ireland whose vision is society in which all older people are enabled to participate and to live full, independent lives.”

At Nursing Homes

We invite residents from your nursing home  to come together with local schools or grandchildren  to knit a beautiful bunting pattern representing connection helping to regain a sense of community, creativity and connection for all involved

knit -Stitch is a  fun, inclusive and creative project which gives those involved a feeling of contributing to the community, 

Sharing moments and creating memories through the tradition of knitting is at the heart of this very special activity .

Participant's will have a sense of pride and connection to their local area and schools while maintaining a physical distance.

This project includes a double knitting kit for two people one for a child and one for an adult bringing young and older people together.

Please contact us if you have residents who love a good yarn and what to inspire children one stitch at a time !

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