Knit- Stitch©

As part of our Intergeneration knitting kits schools will have the option to link with local Nursing Homes or Grandparents. This is a beautiful way of bringing young and older together through our heritage of knitting .

Knit-Stitch ©
Knitting Together

Wool in School ™ are delighted to introduce our Intergenerational knitting kit, 
Knit-Stitch© is an initiative with Schools , people in the community and Nursing Homes in Ireland.

Knit-Stitch© promotes Intergenerational learning by creating new possibilities and connections , sharing moments and making memories with children and older adults through our tradition of knitting

We aim to bring a learning opportunity which will enrich all involved
encouraging understanding and respect between generations.
Knit-Stitch includes two knitting kits one for a child one for an older person using Irish Yarn. children will create a colourful knitted bunting to tie together with an older person.

You have the option of doing this knitting project through facetime calls, text images , Zoom or face to face. 

If you would like to do this knitting  project with your school  linking in with elderly in the community, Grandparents Day or local Nursing Homes please use the contact form below we have a number of cost options suitable for your school.
Benefits for older people
  • wellbeing/mental health
  • community connection  
  • reducing isolation 
  • knowledge sharing
  • sharing transfer of skills 
  • social benefits
  •  building positive relationships
  • equal participation
Benefits for children
  • Wellbeing/mental health. 
  • Support social skills.
  • Focus and attention. 
  • Persistence Critical thinking. 
  • Problem solving supporting motor skills. 
  • Building positive relationships share experience.
  • Mutual respect. 
  • Lifelong learning breaking down barriers.
  • Citizenship.
  • Myself and others SPHE
  • Project completion. 
  • Presentations. 
  • Teamwork. 
Benefits for the school community
  • Complementing the Primary Curriculum - SPHE, Art Education
  • Linking in with the community/ nursing homes or community elderly , Myself and the wider world.
  • Promoting awareness of school projects and community cohesion. 
  • Encouraging shared learning.
  • Support children with additional needs.
  • Education for Sustainable Development Strategy 2030 
  • Consumer and environmental issues.
  • Heritage,  Fabric and Fibre Strand of the Art curriculum
  • Intergenerational project also for TY students

Why we love Knit- Stitch

Creative learning