Mindfulness in Knitting

Knitting like mindfulness gives us the opportunity to observe, paying close attention to the stitches and pattern very carefully. As we relax  breathing becomes calm and focused. 

boost confidence, self-esteem, motivation and mood 
It can change negative thoughts and attitudes into positive ones 
Mindfulness and knitting = Knitatation
learn to knit

Kiddo Knitting kit

Perfect for schools who wish children to knitting as a mindful craft.
Wool provide will be from our wool suppliers Donegal Yarns, Cushendale Woollen Mills  based on what we have available . Colours may vary. All wool is natural and Irish. Supporting Irish farms and local jobs

Kiddo Kits are perfect for a lovely introduction into knitting

This knitting kit includes

  • wool x 3 (colours will vary)
  • needles 4 mm
  • workbook
  • cotton bag

School pack

We also have available a school pack which offers the opportunity to introduce knitting in the school on  smaller scale. This is our bargain buy 2 skeins of organic wool, children's needle

Only €8.25per child