Knit-Stitch bunting Kit

knitting together
A perfect gift to give and teach a kiddo in your life how to knit.
Kids will have fun learning to knit this beautiful bunting knitting together with beautiful results.
This is perfect for kids age six and over, helping them to master a crafty new skill with ease. This double kit includes colourful Irish wool, needles, cotton bags and an easy to follow illustrated booklet for both adult and child.
Children are initiated into an ancient craft where so many have gone before them a connection where every stitch becomes a link.Bring your imagination and creativity too!

Knit- Stitch for Schools

Complementing the Primary Curriculum  bringing young and older together promoting intergenerational learning and creating new possibilities and connections find out more here.  

Wool Awareness In The Classroom

Wool what is it ? Where does it come from? Why is it so important ?

These are all questions that children ask when exploring wool. Where do you start? 

We are all on a global quest to provide sustainable practices with wool playing a part in this important conversation.

Wool in School can help you bring back to children the importance of wool as a natural fibre and how COOL! wool really is.

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The Woolist

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