Wool in School 

Wool In School™ is a unique education business in Ireland creating awareness about wool and sustainability  We introduce children and teachers about wool from Farm to Fabric looking at the properties and benefits of wool and why it is a sustainable resource .
Wool in School™ works closely with a number of established mills in Ireland these include Cushendale Woollen Mills in Kilkenny and Donegal Yarns where children are given insight into Irish Woollen Mills .We provide workshops in schools due to Covid 19 we have now moved this online with our Wool Awareness Resource.

Wool Awareness In The Classroom

Wool Awareness In The Classroom

This is a fully comprehensive resource complementing the Primary curriculum through a number of the seven curriculum areas.

We also link in Directly with the Education for Sustainability Development Strategy 2030   which highlights the need to integrate Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in the curriculum from pre-school up to senior cycle. The National Strategy aims to ensure that education contributes to sustainable development by equipping learners with the relevant knowledge.


Knit- Stitch bringing school children and older people in the community together through our heritage of knitting. Proceeds go to https://www.ageaction.ie